AUTHENTIC Baltic Flooring's character shines from Heritage to Contemporary Design.

PERMAPINE® NORDIC from Wright Forest Products is part of Australia's heritage of fine quality natural wood and creative design and has stood the test of time for over 150 years. Our Baltic flooring and lining products are ethically sourced, and come from a company with a heritage and experience that dates to 1853.

Permapine® Nordic Baltic Flooring and lining products create a rustic appearance, and are the perfect floor for contemporary designs to heritage restorations, of which you can trust its credentials.

Available in Nordic Redwood or Whitewood species, 22mm or 28mm thickness, it has superior insulation properties and is sourced exclusively from PEFC Certified forests, setting it apart from many 'no name' products, some from dubious origins.

Protecting our heritage and our future are part of our core values. Permapine® Nordic is the registered Trade Mark of Wright Forest Products so you can be sure we'll be here as long as your floor.

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