ENWARE has introduced a convenient and adaptable nursing bench that can be electrically raised and lowered to appropriate heights for the various activities involved in the care of people with disabilities.

The Enware nursing bench is intended for use in:

  • healthcare; disability facilities, childcare centres, hospitals
  • aged care, shared housing
  • education; universities, schools, childcare centres
  • leisure; aquatic centres, gymnasiums.

The nursing bench features a 700mm height adjustability with the lowest height of the bench 300mm from the floor and the maximum height 1000mm.

The weight loading of the adjustable nursing bench is 200kg. The adjustable neck support for the patient can be moved to either end of the bench whilst the optional safety rail can be easily folded up or down.

The bench is intended for use in both wet and dry areas and features comfortable surfaces for the patient.

Enware provides adaptable work and living solutions designed to improve the quality of life by maximising an individual’s independence, dignity, safety and comfort.