TIPO is a high density multi-purpose mesh stacking chair weighing only 3.5kgs. The Japanese designed and manufactured Tipo conference chair meets international performance, ergonomic and quality standards and stacks 40 high. Exceptional seating comfort is created through a combination of a waterfall mesh seat and a flexible back. The integrated linking device in the sled base avoids the need for additional components. Manufactured in Japan by Axona-Aichi, the Tipo stacking meeting chair is an eco friendly GECA certified product. Tipo was the recipient  of the 'Red Dot Design Award'.

Each component of the chair has been carefully selected and engineered to evolve from recycled materials. The chair can be easily disassembled into each material type for recyclable purposes. The aesthetics, comfort, functionality and restorative qualities of the ultra light Tipo chair set a new direction in the evolution of mesh stacking chairs.

To complement the Tipo chair, Taku Kumazawa has also designed the CTZ flip top table. This flip-top design has set new standards for meeting, conference and training rooms. Winner of the Good Design Award in Japan, CTZ tables bring to the market features that enable anyone to use the table confidently. One person can set it up or store it away with a simple lever action.

The CTZ flip-top tables incorporate straight line structural beauty with smooth operating and handling. The unique leg design was born in pursuit of function, strength and design using die cast aluminium to achieve high precision and a beautiful durable glossy finish.

The table is certified by GECA. The patent synchro top mechanism of this CTZ flip-top table enables the leg stoppers (brakes) to rise and lower within the height adjustable castors with the movement of the table top. These stoppers grip the floor surface achieving a high degree of stability. The height adjustable castors compensate for uneven floors.

Hooks are standard on both ends of the CTZ table on the upper column which are great for hanging handbags rather than leaving them on the floor underfoot. With the top folded down, a basic storage shelf is created below for text books or note book covers.

An optional modesty panel is available for all three CTZ table widths and does not impair flipping the top or stacking. The parallel stack design enables the CTZ table legs to stack tightly together in a beautiful and compact way without creep.

Architect: Crawford Architects Photographer: Karl Beath Builder: Belmadar Client: IEU