THESE unique board joiners were developed with the designer and cabinetmaker in mind. 

The architectural design of the Stickman gives a high quality finish and visual enhancement to any project it is utilised in. 

Edging and housing joints can be eliminated with this product. On corners, the mitre provides a locked joint with protection to the feathered edge.

Back flanges on the MC16 and MC18 allow for extra hidden fixing if required.

Specialist router blades prepare the board edge in one pass.

The tough, clear anodised finish protects the corner from damage.

Displayit offers a 5 mm square corner with rounded safety edge and a 3 mm flat blade.

New extrusions are constantly being developed - see our website for details.

Displayit is proud to be an Australian company supporting Australian-made aluminium extrusions.

Australia wide many cabinet makers, joiners, carpenters, shopfitters, kitchen makers, architects and designers are using our joiners to maximise their visual impact on customers jobs giving it that extra class making it stand above the rest, so come over to our team and use Displayit MDF Board Joiners in your next project.

Please find our brochure and more information on our website.