JEWEL Windows is pleased to introduce Nature’s Fan™, the clever Sashless system, with more inclusive features than any other, such as stainless steel pulleys, Kevlar cords and a Sash “T” section, which add timeless value to this unique window.

The Sashless systems have become the preferred choice of architects, window manufacturers, builders and home renovators.
Jewel Windows trusts that its systems will inspire and convince you to implement its Sashless window wherever windows with perfect ventilation and clear uninterrupted views are desired.

Our Pearl Window is the first fully DIY Kit and can be designed to fit any purpose. Our system offers numerous features including a slim line profile, PVC Glass Guides slide to help reduce friction and ensure effortless opening, single keyed push lock, with additional multi locking positions, easy to clean and service, stainless steel pulleys and self-adhesive transparent handle(s) to complement the uninterrupted views.

Sash “T” is designed to minimise glass movement and conceal pulleys, cords and provide maximum security.

Tested and approved to Australian Standards with a 15 year warranty on moving parts (pulleys & cords), Jewel Windows provides maximum use of any window space.