AS the density of our population increases, apartment buildings are becoming a new way of life. The lightweight construction in these units raises huge acoustic challenges, as the sound performance is below occupant expectations in most of the new built or refurbished constructions.  Acoustica’s QuietWave® simple dry wall system sandwiched between two sheets of plasterboard has made a huge difference to people’s lives.

Complaints have also been received from professionals such as doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, lawyers and CEOs regarding their consultancy/meeting rooms. The problem exists where performance in most partition walls are only Rw + Ctr 28 to 30 dB, (well below a suitable level) when the average voice speech level is 50 to 70 dB and the ambient sound level in an office environment is around 60 dB or more.

The QuietWave® Dry Wall System easily exceeds the BCA requirements and achieves a rating of Rw + Ctr 55 dB with wall thicknesses varying from 148 mm and a fire rating of 1 — 2 hours. Acoustica has been extremely successful with providing solutions for improving work and living standards.

Acoustica’s technical team is able to provide support and advice to architects and specifiers right from concept design to acoustic documentation.