Afterfive years of development Creative Drain Solutions has the answer to achieving a ZERO Threshold from your indoor living to your outdoor entertainment areas inviting the outdoors into your home.

Imagine no trip hazard at your doorway. Our ZERO Threshold Drain provides a seamless integration of floor finishes from timber to polished concrete, ceramic or marble. No matter what your choice we can work with you to achieve a desired result.

This will enhance your lifestyle and allow your family to realise the full potential of your outdoor entertainment space. Creative Drain Solutions™ can design and custom fabricate a drain to suit many applications:

• Living to alfresco

• Bedroom to balconies

• Wheelchair access to main doorways

• Public access to building foyers

• Aged care facilities

So if your vision is to achieve zero then Creative Drain Solutions can help. Our commitment to achieving zero doesn't stop at your front door we can offer the same seamless transition for your bathroom or shower room. So imagine a system that looks awesome and is practical and functional allowing you to have the drain at the front of your shower and have your glass integrated into the lineal drain.

Also, our practical accessories such as the hidden F/Flashing to the wall to eliminate the need for patch fittings to fix your glass, and allow for a quality waterproofing seal where your glass and tile are incorporated. In the event of you having the drain at the rear of the shower with a glass panel to one side we offer a fully integrated graded H/F Flashing with provision for glass installation, once again removing the need for fiddly graded tile sections and allows for a quality waterproofing application.

Creative Drain Solutions has also created the absolute solution for existing ground or second storey posistrut floor systems to eliminate the need to lower your floor to achieve a zero transition into your shower. Simply put, you can now build a shower with a lineal drain on a perfectly flat floor!