Outlandish claims aside, Brightgreen’saward-winning D900 Curve LED downlight is simply the best.

Here’s the proof:

It’s the brightest.

At 903 lumens*, the D900 Curve is the brightest standard-sized LEDdownlight on the Australian market. It’s also the only one to match thebrightness of a premium 50W halogen.

It makes things look good.

Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is rated out of 100 and measures howvibrant a light makes colours appear. With a CRI of 90, the D900 Curve isguaranteed to make people, interiors and fittings look their best.

It’s designed by Aussies, for Aussies.

Brightgreen products are designed to handle hot Australian summersand unique electrical conditions, making them more reliable and hardy thanEuropean lights.

It’s 100% dimmable.

The D900 Curve works with all leading and trailing edge dimmers,as well as home automation systems.

It’s backed up by a 7 year warranty.

Brightgreen believe in the quality of the D900 Curve so much thatthey’ve backed it up with a seven-year warranty. It also maintains 80%brightness at 70,000 hours, or around 30 years, which isn’t bad either.

All Brightgreen lights are tested at NATA accredited test labs.Outputs will vary with the addition of each different lens type.

Dimming range will vary depending on which dimmer is used.