RENOVATORS, specifiers and home-owners are discovering ways to tastefully, intelligently and unobtrusively shade buildings and keep cooling and heating costs down. Issey’s external retractable awnings and blinds are a flexible way to help control the amount of heat and light allowed into a structure without compromising the view. In Australia, heating and cooling of the house uses almost 50% of household energy requirements.

Issey's range of bespoke external shades and awnings decrease heating costs and by extending the awnings in summer it keeps the building cooler so air-conditioners can be used minimally, reducing energy consumption by a significant amount therefore improving the building’s environmental rating.

With modern technology, Issey retractable sun shades systems have the flexibility to be used on demand. Whether it’s via wireless remote for effortless control or by means of integrating it with a BMS system and installing intelligent sensors, Issey sun shades can be programmed to automatically retract and project and adapt to prevailing weather conditions. This shading on demand also creates temporary outdoor spaces to extend entertainment areas without the need, hassle or cost of permanent structures.

Issey's blinds and awnings are elegant yet robust, stylish yet functional. Today, Issey's bespoke sunshade systems are favoured by discerning home owners, interior designers and architects alike. At Issey we are constantly investing in research that enables us to push the boundaries and redefine our product range. This is how we stay at the forefront of the ever changing market ensuring our customers benefit from the latest and most ingenious products to date.

Visit an Issey showroom room today to discover the latest in sun shading systems and see how you can extend your interior comfort to your exterior living space to open a new world of outdoor entertainment and relaxation.