A Belgian innovation, the award winning Buzon Pedestal offers the flexibility of creating raised floors in external applications on balconies, terraces and green roofs in conjunction with any type of paver or timber decking.

In the instance of a leak, this allows for the easy removal of either the pavers or timber decking, making it easy to inspect the waterproofing membrane and investigate the source of the leak. Once the membrane has been repaired and the leak addressed, the pavers or timber decking can be reinstated with minimal effort.

Made from high strength, UV resistant, recycled polypropylene, the pedestals are capable of supporting over 1,000 kg each and have a built-in slope correction device. This gives up to 5 percent fall compensation, so at ground level you can easily adjust for uneven surfaces; or on flat roofs you can have a perfectly flat deck or paved area but maintain the fall of the roof for efficient water run off. Height adjustability of between 17 mm-850 mm allows unsightly plumbing and electrical services to be concealed under the floor.

The patented slope-correcting device, achieves a perfectly level floor finish, and interchangeable spacer tabs allow for 2,4.5,6,8, & 10 mm gaps between pavers, providing positive drainage and allowing for external and internal floor finishes to be at the same level. This kind of raised decking system, at ground or roof level, can both hide all manner of services and protect roof substrates from the elements, maximising integrity and longevity.

The pedestal also reduces sound transmission and increases the thermal insulation of roofs. In addition it reduces weight loading by eliminating the use of sand and cement mortar beds.

The system is simple to install. Desired height is easily achieved by thread adjustment, lockable when reached and a range of spacer tabs allow for precise gaps between pavers from 2 mm up to 10 mm.

Where sustainability issues are concerned the Pedestal system can optimise roof space, protect substructures and also contribute to the control of rainwater run off and water harvesting. The pedestals themselves are manufactured from 65 percent recycled material and are 100 percent recyclable.