Saniflo Australia, market leader in macerating and grey wastewater pumps, delivers effective solutions to seemingly impossible plumbing projects. With Saniflo’s range of pumps, installation of new bathroom, kitchen, ensuite or laundry facilities can be installed anywhere in a building - without the need to core cut concrete or engage in expensive reinstatement works.

With their simple design, Saniflo pumping systems are capable of accepting multiple inlets (kitchen sinks, dishwashers, washing machines, toilets, showers, etc) and work in easily with today’s contemporary bathroom and kitchen design trends. Saniflo’s small bore macerator pumps discharge waste through 20-25 mm pipes. Pipes are easily concealed inside wall cavities and ceiling voids while the pumps can be installed inside cabinetry or tucked behind wall panels for ready access.

Saniflo’s macerating pumps will move waste to the main drains vertically up to eight metres, and horizontally up to 100 metres (or a lesser combination of both depending on the model chosen). Thus installation of water-using facilities can be made away from, and even below, the sewer line, defying traditional gravity fed plumbing conventions.

With over fifty years experience and almost seven million units sold worldwide, Saniflo’s product range includes models designed specifically for domestic or commercial applications.