HAWA-Antea 50-80 is a trendy furniture sliding door solution perfectly suited for modern, high quality interior designs.

This completely new system for doors that slide in front of the cabinet body is extremely versatile. Imagine large-area cabinet fronts with ever-changing faces of glass or timber, or even an attractive mix of the two.

Available in two versions for the 50 and 80kg weight categories, the 80kg version has twin-roller, ball bearing trolleys fitted on balance that contribute to its outstanding operational comfort, while the 50kg version is equipped with high quality sleeve bearings that enable even heavy doors to glide as quietly as a whisper.

The technical features of the HAWA- Antea 50-80 furniture sliding door system are equally as well designed as the aesthetic features, presenting installer-friendly handling and installation.

This new HAWA-Antea 50-80 furniture sliding door system is suitable for every conceivable environment. From single sliding doors to complete cabinet fronts, this hardware and its high quality materials guarantees operational comfort and striking designs.