EZY-Jamb system is winning the hearts and minds of architects and interior designers as the only answer to creating a clean line, flush finish design.

EZY-Jamb is a split type jamb which is fully adjustable to any wall thickness.

• EZY-Jamb flush finish door jamb system has perforated sides for flush finishing into the wall, achieving clean lines around the door way.

• EZY-Jamb is a totally concealed fixing.

• Eliminate architraves with the ease of installation and finishing of the EZY-Jamb door system.

• EZY-Jamb is complemented by a full range of hardware and hinges to create a flush finish solution.

• EZY-Jamb is independently tested, architecturally certified, and quality assured ISO9001.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the affordability of EZY-Jamb.