With the cumbersome nature of roof anchor installations requiring access to the roof cavities and cutting of the roof fabric and sarking, Secure Anchor Systems offers The Corrugator™ and RS20 D-Strap anchors.

With falls from height clearly demonstrating the need for the Secure Anchor series of products, the Corrugator™ and RS-20 anchors were specifically designed for rapid application without the need to access the attic, has no requirement for drilling or altering structural roof members, removes the need for a flashing kit as well as reducing aesthetic impact due to low profiles providing seamless integration into modern roof lines.

The Corrugator™ and RS-20 anchors are rated 15kN for single person fall arrest and can be installed in as little as 90 seconds by any competent person either during or post construction.

The Secure Anchor range of roof anchors represents the most effective solution for the domestic and commercial markets providing outstanding aesthetic solutions and value for money outcomes for designers and trades people.