FOR 19 years, Peel Away paint removal system has become a popular choice for many restoration and heritage-listed projects around the country.

A recently completed project is the 1860s Immigration Museum in Victoria, Church Hall Building Garden Island and Lancer Army Barracks in NSW.

The product has many environmental benefits, including safety in containment of chemical waste, removal of multiple layers of paint in one application, prevention of air borne particles, zero use of solvents and reduction in health risks to the public and industry.

Peel Away is in the form of a thick paste that is applied to the surface and then covered with a unique laminated plastic cover sheet and is sealed during the stripping process.

Newly formulated, Peel Away 8 has proven highly effective in its applications, as well as being safe, bio-degradable and easy to use.

All Peel Away products are fully patent protected in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific.