NEW technology LED direct replacements for halogen bulbs are here, with more light, more reliability, longer life and lower operating costs. New developments in overseas LED research and production mean we can bring you state-of-the-art bulbs at exceptional prices.

The efficiency of the new high-power LED light bulbs is nearly eight times that of incandescent lights and twice that of compact fluorescent lights.

LED bulbs can operate for 30,000 hours or more, outlasting 30 incandescent bulbs or six compact fluorescents!

LED bulbs operate at much lower, safer temperatures, generating very little heat.

The Federal Government plans to completely replace incandescent light bulbs and phase out their use in homes and businesses. Why not upgrade to LED instead and make your life easier!

One of Australia’s leading LED specialists, Austeknis imports the very best LED products from around the world. These include Kaga Street Lighting, LED architectural Tiles and Tubes, in-ground and underwater lighting, solar LED lighting, Neon LED flex and more.

When you think of LED, think Austeknis.