WHY close up your building design and run air-conditioning when you can open it up to take advantage of fresh, cooling breezes to cool your building, the way nature intended?

When it comes to cross flow ventilation, the larger the window opening to allow ventilation, the greater the cooling effect is. Breezway Louvres open twice as wide as a regular window to provide ventilation through around 90 per cent of the wall opening. Warm indoor air can be efficiently replaced by cooler air from the outside, thereby physically cooling the building.

Breezway Louvres can also be made to fit almost any space (e.g. tall thin windows, square windows or wide short windows) to achieve the minimum BCA ventilation and daylight floor area requirements. If the building is initially designed to provide greater access to fresh air, this will not only reduce the reliance on artificial lighting and cooling systems, but has been proven to encourage a healthier environment for building occupants.