NOW anybody can enjoy the space transforming benefits of bi-folds with Centor’s new bottom-rolling system.

Centor folding systems can now be installed in openings without structural support from overhead beams. This is thanks to Centor’s new innovative bottom-rolling technology that transfers the door weight to the floor.

This allows folding doors to be specified in any opening, including lower budget renovations and retrofits. It also lets architects and designers create the exact space they want without structure and budget issues impeding the design.

Builders can save time and hassle as the new Centor bottom-rolling system installs easily with just hand tools.

Other bottom-rolling systems have previously had many shortcomings, such as poor functionality due to dirt and grit getting into tracks, security issues, poor weatherproofing and high sills. Centor’s engineered system addresses these issues and is a delight to use.

For a range of applications, Centor’s new bottom- rolling bi-fold system is Centor’s most flexible folding system yet.