SOUND insulation or fresh air?

Sound insulation, including heavily insulated closed windows, does protect against outside noise. However, the problem with the supply of essential fresh air is intensified.

Now there is a solution. With the AEROPAC® sound insulated ventilator, windows can remain permanently closed. External noise is held back almost entirely so that you can sleep in peace with a continuous supply of draught-free fresh air.

Regardless of how polluted the air is outside, indoors you can breathe healthily thanks to the choice of active carbon, pollen, fine dust or coarse dust filters.

This is all achieved by a small 270 mm (width) x 4,637 mm (high) x 132 mm deep device which runs as quiet as a whisper, uses as little energy as a television in stand-by mode, is easy, fast and clean to retrofit, and with its inconspicuous and contemporary design, blends in well with all furnishings.

AEROPAC® quality is supported by the manufacturer’s three-year warranty.