SEASONED hardwood has been the trusted performer in the building market for generations.

McCormack Demby Timber's F17 and now SUPA17 seasoned hardwood are strong and straight, offering superior nail holding capabilities, integrity of form (consistent thickness) and no risk of delamination or swelling.

Seasoned hardwood won’t warp, even if it gets wet on-site. It is kiln dried, producing timber that is extremely durable, with maximum stability and dressed for a smooth finish.

Seasoned hardwood timber is ideally suited for all structural applications, including lintels, structural beams, high strength truss members, stair components and sub-floors (bearers and joists).

Hardwood timber is also the perfect choice for interior or exterior decorative and exposed applications, such as windows, doors, mouldings, furniture, bench tops, cabinetry, flooring and verandahs, offering a stunning and consistent appearance.

Victorian F17 and Super 17 hardwood timber comes from sustainably-managed Victorian native forests.

Hardwood is a superior quality product offering the peace of mind provided by a trusted and known product that will always outperform on any job.

Cheap alternatives are just not worth the risk.