ESSASTONE, a supplier of decorative stone surfaces, has unveiled a palette of 20 new designs offering the appeal of up to 95 per cent natural quartz. In a first for essastone, four designs have been crafted with a natural, velvet surface finish.

The highly tactile surface contrasts with the polished, gloss finish of the extended range. All of the 20 essastone colours are available in a polished, gloss finish. The designs exclusively available in a velvet finish are Crystal Chalk, New Crystal Salt, New Sable Luxe and Carbon.

The design palette now offers a diverse selection from the soft tones of New Crystal Salt and New Cairo, through to European-inspired Carbon and Bitter Chocolate and the natural aesthetic of large glass flecks in Terrazzo and Porcini.

A selection of designs including French Black, Midnight Rendezvous, Sorbet and Frappe have been fashioned using a unique method of combining quartz and glass pieces, creating a translucent fa├žade that accentuates the base colour. The striking result makes the surfaces ideal for applications where a strong visual impact is important.

Previous best selling designs from the range have been re-engineered to meet the quality of the new additions. Surfaces are available in 20 mm and 30 mm thick sheets that can be fabricated to suit design requirements. The complete collection will be available in May 2010.