Each ECO12 fitting comes with dimmable driver suitable for use on any standard dimmer switch!

Introducing the Superlight ECO-12, the latest LED downlight fitting designed and distributed exclusively by Superlight.

This stylish LED downlight has a ceiling cut-out of 90 mm, making it an ideal replacement for existing halogen downlights as well as a perfect option for any new residential or commercial project.

Dimmable using standard dimmers

This is not a misprint! Each ECO12 LED downlight is supplied with an electronic driver which is compatible with any existing dimmer switch.

Standard dimensions and hole cut-out size

Designed exclusively by Superlight for the Australian and New Zealand market, the ECO12 LED downlights operate with standard 240V wiring and have standard dimensions, including a 90 mm hole cut-out.

Superior light output

Thanks to breakthrough design and technology, the Superlight ECO12 has a superior light output compared with any other low-energy downlight. This makes the ECO12 the only genuine LED downlight alternative.

Lower ownership costs

Zero lamp maintenance and up to 80 per cent energy savings over traditional halogen downlights, the ECO12 LED downlights make sound economic sense by saving money throughout their life.

Stylish and sleek design

Superlight ECO-12 can be a replacement for existing halogen downlights.The ECO12 incorporates a sleek semi-polished reflector which looks great whilst also ensuring smooth, evenly distributed illumination without the ‘spotlight effect’ often experienced with other downlights.

Minimal heat output

The ECO12 LED downlights do not produce significant amounts of heat which means they are significantly safer and more efficient than other downlights.

Excellent colour temperature

As a result of superior LED technology, the Superlight ECO12 fittings provide sharp colour temperatures, whilst delivering excellent colour rendition (CRI>85).

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