MODERN Architecture is characterised by large glass areas and thus by an abundance of transparency. Glass doors and partition walls are in vogue in interior design too — especially when they are slideable and reveal as much as possible.

The new HAWA PUROLINO 80 glass sliding system is the perfect answer to these discerning demands.

HAWA PUROLINO 80 is, as the name suggests, a puristic designer hardware system for glass sliding doors with concealed suspension for surface mounting to walls, ceilings or integrated ceiling installation.

Its running gear is completely integrated in the top track. Based on HAWA PURO 100-150, this hardware system also combines fascinating aesthetic appeal with a high degree of functionality.

Top tracks flush-fitted into the ceiling provide the greatest possible transparency. The running gear is still easily accessible from below at any time without having to remove ceiling elements. The key is a filigree cover profile that clips on from below.

HAWA PUROLINO 80 is no less eye-catching when surface mounted to the wall or ceiling thanks to its cubistic, unadorned top track. It is available in a plain anodised or stainless steel finish.

Matching cover caps in anthracite — grey plastic or die cast zinc — provide a visually perfect finish to each end of the top track. The very same top track is also used for flush fitting ceiling installations and thus makes for easier planning.

HAWA PUROLINO 80 is predestined for use in design oriented surroundings, whether in private residences or in public buildings such as hotels and resorts, clinics and offices.

Exhibiting at designEX, Stand 1240.