Sasign Acrylic Cleaner is designed specifically for use on any hard surface — Perspex, Lexan, clear and coloured acrylic and vinyl including window tint film.

This cleaner/anti-static/polish has no CFCs, ammonia or caustic chemicals. It is designed to clean and leave a protective film that repels dirt, grime, salt water and other air borne contaminates. It is ideal for cleaning and protecting soft café roll up curtains as well as boat and motor cycle windshields. Sasign Acrylic Cleaner is also great for cleaning glass and tiles as it does not leave any sticky residue that can trap and hold dirt and other contaminates.

Sasign Acrylic Polishes help repair damaged panels and restore them to near original finish. 80 grit sandpaper marks can be removed in a matter of minutes by hand.

Sasign polishes are ideal for repairing head light covers, boat and aircraft windows, any matter of signage, acrylic sneeze guards and other protective panels that sometimes incur damage and are expensive or impossible to replace. Use the HEAVY to repair any serious damage and the LIGHT to remove fine scratches or bruises and to bring the finish to a high bright gloss.