Centor’s new, award-winning Twinpoint lock for folding doors is available now.

The Centor Twinpoint is an elegant and secure locking solution that combines the security of two dropbolts with the convenience of a single-action central handle. Rotate the low profile handle and a 25mm throw is driven into the head and sill, making it one of the most secure on the market.

The Twinpoint has the sleek and clean styling synonymous with all Centor products, and is already receiving positive feedback in the market from architects and end-users.

Installing the Twinpoint is easy with a custom router and LockCalc software from Centor. Once installed, the lock is fully accessible and serviceable. The Twinpoint’s compact design preserves the door stile’s integrity, and can be installed in panels as narrow as 35mm.

Available keyed and non-keyed and in a range of finishes, there is a Twinpoint to suit any door or décor. Centor LT Twinpoint for timber doors and LA for aluminium doors are available now.