AMERICAN Shingles is providing a point of difference for architects, designers and builders for their projects.

American Shingles offers an alternative to our conventional roof linings, with greater benefits against slate, timber shingles, metal deck, terracotta and concrete tiles.

American Shingles can provide slate and timber shingle aesthetics at a fraction of the cost, with warranties up to 50 years and wind resistance up to 175 km per hour.

The security of all American Shingles roofs is the plywood substrate that provides greater resistance to hail and increases the structural integrity of the building in general.

American Shingles roofs can be laid on pitches as low as 9.5 degrees and weigh as little as 17 kg per sqm fully laid. The flexible nature of the shingles allows for the easy ability to apply them to curved and organic roof planes, unlike conventional roofing materials.

American Shingles conforms with the Building Code of Australia and comes in a dozen different profiles and colourways to suit any design application.