LEICA Disto is the long and short of handheld laser measuring. It’s not whether you want one, it’s which one you need.

Measure distance, height, area and volume. Measure indirect height and distance to inaccessible places — and more.

There’s a model to suit your work.

For absolute accuracy, it has to be Leica Disto.

• the smallest laser distance meter in the world. Lightweight and slips into your pocket

• maximum/minimum measurements, tracking and storage

• tilt sensor to determine tilts up to ±45° and obtain absolute horizontal measurements

• automatic detection of the end-piece makes measuring from corners, slots or edges easy

• digital pointfinder to target distant objects, even in bright sunlight

• measures roof slopes and façade areas

• integral tilt sensor determines distances indirectly, even past obstructions

• error-free data transfer with Bluetooth

• exclusive transfer software easily enters your results to your laptop or pocket PC — for use in Excel, Word, AutoCAD and other programs

• 360° tilt sensor allows you to determine distances where conventional methods fail

Exhibiting at DesignBUILD, Stand C30.