THE perception of window automation has been for up-market applications and an expensive luxury.

Nowadays, the price of automating windows has dramatically reduced, making it more affordable for the residential and commercial market. The trend has also now seen window automation being used more and more in fire and smoke ventilation control, integrating in to the buildings Fire Management System.

Mingardi has been at the forefront of window automation for over 40 years, and is one of the most reliable and well known manufacturers of window automation products.

Mingardi’s latest addition to their extensive product range is the release of a new series of actuators designed specifically for fire and smoke ventilation applications.

The new RWA range offers operation of over 30 minutes in temperatures exceeding 300 degrees celsius.

Complete with a range of control systems, this series ensures simplicity and ease of integration to any fire management system. ACDC Motorized Solutions Pty.Ltd.