THERE'S nothing more frustrating than waiting for a lift that takes forever to arrive — especially if you've got a construction schedule that's tight. So whatever kind of elevator your project needs, look for the perfect solution in the Master Lifts range of residential elevator systems.

Because Master Lifts manufactures in Australia, as well as maintaining extensive local stocks of the best imported products, you can be sure your lift will be there when you want it.

Architects, designers, developers and builders have learnt, over the past 16 years, that a Master Lift can be relied upon to be on time and to have the quality and reliability that they, and their clients, expect.

Master Lifts can be installed in new constructions or retro-fitted to existing structures, with some versions supplied as complete shaft- and-lift packages for fast one-step crane installation.

Master Lifts also offer a comprehensive selection of purpose- designed chair lifts, dumb waiters, platform lifts and even lifts designed to aid access to pools and spas.

So why wait for a lift when we've got the lift you want waiting for you?