ELEMENT is the first industrial-grade air movement solution that is engineered specifically for the unique needs of large commercial applications.

It is designed by the Big Ass Fan Company, which has successfully installed over 35,000 industrial fans since its founding ten years ago.

The 12ft. diameter Element utilizes industrial-grade quality components and redundant safety features that Big Ass Fans are known for around the world.

In development for over three years, Element includes features that commercial spaces need to successfully integrate into their environment for a streamlined and functional operation.

Element features the patent-pending, proprietary Element Drive™ that eliminates exterior controls, runs in silence and includes software for remote trouble shooting.

The Element Drive was designed exclusively for Element to provide clean and maintenance-free operation, which is especially important in commercial buildings with high-value interiors and minimal maintenance staff.

The patented airfoil and winglets help move air silently and efficiently over large spaces for maximum coverage. And the new customization platform allows for the integration of additional functions including wireless controls, lights, audio speakers and proximity and motion sensors.

Finally, Element offers endless aesthetic options that enable Element to blend into surroundings or become a true design feature.