The Flo-Grid® provides a superb solution where porous paving applications are required. This revolutionary plastic paving product allows the effective infiltration of rainwater where it can be funneled into storage tanks available for re-use or the recharging of natural aquifers.

Atlantis' Flo-Grid® is perfect for many different applications including car parking lots, access roads, driveways, footpaths, boat ramps, edge drainage, road drainage, car wash bays and many more applications.

The main advantage of the Flo-Grid® is long life performance without clogging. The high permeability of the paver and smart design ensure long term effectiveness.

The Flo-Grid® used in conjunction with other Atlantis products can provide storm water solutions without the need for pipes, pits or sumps. No longer are antiquated storm water systems required. Atlantis offers the complete range of storm water solutions that treat polluted water at the source, preserving natural waterways and the environment while providing aesthetically pleasing solutions.

The Flo-Grid® is available in black and other colours upon request. Contact us now for more information and our latest catalog.