Acoustica’s Angel Step® 48P is overlaid on solid floors as an underlay for resilient and solid floor, e.g. carpet, timber, laminate and tiling. Angel Step®484P is overlaid on resilient floors as an underlay for floating floors of carpet, timber or laminate.Angel Step® comprises of an 8mm layer of double needle punched polyester matting sandwiched between 4kg/m2 ‘visco-elastic’ polymer flexible noise barriers.When laid over timber floor the first barrier in contact with the floor seals and damps the flooring substrate (T&G, plywood, chipboard, marine ply).Angel Step® also provides the best noise reduction on concrete floors and is the thinnest product.The resilient polyester middle core layer absorbs impact energy and residual airborne noise from above and below, transforming wave vibrations into heat energy. The ‘decoupled flexible floating’ top noise barrier greatly reduces airborne sound waves — noise above or below the floor — and complies with the Building Code of Australia in respect to separating floors between adjoining dwellings.Angel Step® is fire-rated to international and Australian standards, tested to AS 1530.3. It is also moisture resistant. Samples available upon request.