New AS/NZS 3000:2007 Wiring Rules… Make sure that your clients DON’T inherit the shocking downlight “default” clearances, clause (d) or they will pay a high price for MANY consequences. Specify Isolite™ Downlight Guard* with downlight installations to ensure these vital benefits: 1. Flexibility of downlight positioning and selection. These Fire Resistant Enclosures can abut timber beams and insulation. 2. Approved fire prevention enclosure, easily anchored. 3. Retain high thermal and acoustic insulation values. 4. Stop dust, allergen and insect entry thru downlights 24/7. 5. Ideal globe care ( transformer care accessory option*) If above-ceiling access is not practical, Arrowform’s proven Flexi™ Downlight Cover range “fits from below”; ideal for between floors, cathedral ceilings, etc. For safe, clean and green indoor living… No one can afford anything less.