Altro provides the superior solution over ceramic tiles because there is nowhere for germs to hide.Altro Safety Flooring is hot-welded making it completely impervious and more hygienic than ceramic tiles. Grout can absorb liquid, germs and can stain. Altro is endorsed by HACCP Australia as floor covering suitable for use in food processing and food handling environments.Altro Safety Flooring does not crack, chip or scratch whereas ceramic tiles can be broken and chipped and when broken they are prone to harbour bacteria. Altro is not only resilient, it contains Altrosan which helps fight potentially deadly bacteria such as MRSA and VRE.Altro Safety Flooring has up to 20 years life expectancy and gives life long slip resistance and there is no glaze to wear off as is the case with ceramic tiles.Altro is a superior solution all round, it has up to R12 slip resistance, 20 years life expectancy, cleanability, nowhere for germs to hide, greater comfort underfoot and a wall/floor combination with Altro Wall Cladding which is ideal for hospitals, retirement villages and food processing areas.