ILVE showrooms across Australia are sporting a new look — huge window posters will highlight the company’s innovation, style, and position as one of the world’s leading and most practical luxury appliance brand.ILVE’s Melbourne showroom has also received a major refurbishment. The showroom is saturated in rich jewel tones to bring the space to life and enhance the classic stainless steel lines of the luxury appliances. This 500+ metre showroom is now home to six fully working kitchens, underground parking and an in-house training facility. The refurbishment accommodates the post modern society that Melbourne represents. As part the launch of the new ad campaign ILVE has released one of their most ground-breaking products to date — the world first VELA rangehood, which is the most advanced kitchen rangehood on the market. This modern space age design incorporates a touch control LCD television screen, the ultimate indulgence for the hardworking home chef. With its sleek and attention-grabbing design, the VELA Rangehood is extremely simple to use and has the power to remove all cooking fumes, including indoor barbecuing and the most intense grilling or stir-frying with its fantastic 4 speed control. It also has an optional automatic switch-on and speed regulation in ratio with heat quantity produced.