Change the look today and protect the sub-floor for tomorrow.

DUAL Bond is an innovative 'floating underlay' system specially designed for the domestic and commercial flooring industries. Designed to level and protect existing sub-floors in differing environments, Dual Bond does not utilise any fasteners or additional adhesives.

The Dual Bond underlay system from Australian Hardboards is ideally suited to applications where protection of an existing floor is needed when new seasonal trends floor designs are laid.

Consisting of two layers of 2.5 mm thick environmentally friendly hardboard, Dual Bond has a pressure sensitive adhesive applied to the sanded face. When these sheets are laid back to back, a bond is formed. Initially, the sheets can be adjusted, however, over time the bond will strengthen. The sheets are laid staggered (brick style pattern) to form a strong, flat 'floating sub floor', ready to accept most floor coverings.

Typical applications for Dual Bond floating underlay include:

Faster and easier to install than other systems, Dual Bond is the underlay of the future.

Dual Bond complies to AS:1884 Floor Coverings Resilient Sheet and Tiles Laying and Maintenance Practices.