In collaboration with the Research Centre on Zero Emission Buildings, Oslo-based architecture firm Snøhetta has realised a zero energy house with a distinctive tilt.

The ‘ZEB Pilot House’ is a demonstration residence, designed to serve as an example for ecologically conscious design.

Distinguished by its metal-clad inclined formation, the house features a variety of passive and active energy schemes, including an integrated photovoltaic panel array on its sloping roof.

The solar energy collectors are complemented by geothermal wells, resulting in a total energy gain capable of servicing the house, with surplus to power an electric car year-round.

Additionally, the structure meets the requirements for ‘ZEB-OM’ classification, which includes zero emission from all materials and equipment used in the construction process and daily operation.

To ensure the building maintains energy requirements for ZEB-OM classification, including a minimum of 100% CO2 offset, the project will be closely monitored and documented over its lifetime.

The ZEB Pilot House has been nominated for the ‘The European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award 2015’ for its achievements.

Courtesy Designboom