NSW has chosen 100 design experts to help improve the quality of the built environment across the state.  

Minister for Planning and Public Spaces Rob Stokes says the new State Design Review Panel pool has been appointed to provide independent expert advice on State Significant development and infrastructure projects and precincts. 

“The new State Design Review Panel will build on the great work of the pilot program launched in 2018, which guided the development of more than 100 public and private projects worth almost $9 billion,” Stokes says.

In an attempt at humour, Stokes also noted that, “NSW residents will also be relieved to note that the Treasurer Dom Perrottet has not been selected for the Design Review Panel.” 

NSW Government Architect Abbie Galvin says the expanded panel will play a vital role in shaping the design of the State at a critical time. 

“The unprecedented investment in infrastructure and the Government’s commitment to create greener places and great public spaces create an exciting climate for panel members to play a role,” says Galvin. 

“It’s fantastic to see such a diverse panel with a wide range of skills and expertise, including six Aboriginal design and cultural experts who will help ensure Aboriginal culture and heritage are integral to the design of places in NSW.” 

The panel is made up of 88 independent members with expertise across a range of areas including architecture, landscape architecture, urban design,  Aboriginal and European heritage and sustainability, and 12 State Government design champions. 

NSW SDRP Panel Members:

  • Adam Haddow
  • Amanda Roberts
  • Amanda Sturgeon
  • Andrew Cortese
  • Andrew Nimmo
  • Angelo Candalepas
  • Anita Panov
  • Anna Chauvel
  • Bianca Pineda
  • Bill Tsakalos
  • Carroll Go-Sam
  • Catherine Chatburn
  • Che Wall
  • Chi Melhem
  • Chris Major
  • Craig Kerslake
  • Daniele Hromek
  • David Logan
  • David Tickle
  • Diana Griffiths
  • Diane Jones
  • Digby Hall
  • Elizabeth Carpenter
  • Emili Fox
  • Esther Dickins
  • Fiona Young
  • Francoise Lane
  • Gabrielle Morrish
  • Garth Paterson
  • Geoffrey London
  • Grace Mortlock
  • Graham Jahn
  • Guy Sturt
  • Hannah Tribe
  • Helen Lochhead
  • Ingrid Mather
  • Jefa Greenaway
  • Jillian Comber
  • Jocelyn Jackson
  • Joe Agius
  • John Choi
  • Judy van Gelderen
  • Julie Lee
  • Kate Luckraft
  • Ken Maher
  • Kim Crestani
  • Laura Harding
  • Libby Gallagher
  • Liz Westgarth
  • Lucy Creagh
  • Malcolm Middleton
  • Marc Deuschle
  • Mark Tyrell
  • Maryam Gusheh
  • Matthew Bennett
  • Matthew Chan
  • Matthew Pullinger
  • Matthew Taylor
  • Michael Tawa
  • Michelle Cramer
  • Mungo Smith
  • Nathalie Ward
  • Nicole Leuning
  • Oi Choong
  • Paul Berkemeier
  • Paul Stoller
  • Paul Walter
  • Penny Collins
  • Penny Fuller
  • Peter Mould
  • Peter Phillips
  • Peter Poulet
  • Peter St Clair
  • Peter Titmuss
  • Peter Watts
  • Philip Pollard
  • Qianyi Lim
  • Richard Nugent
  • Rod Simpson
  • Roger Jasprizza
  • Sarah Varghese
  • Shaun Carter
  • Shelley Penn
  • Simon Kilbane
  • Sophie Dyring
  • Stephen Neille
  • Tamara Donnellan
  • Tony Caro

State Government Design Champions:

  • Wade Sutton
  • Anne Sutherland
  • Ben Hewett
  • Rebecca Wark
  • Sara Stace
  • Gareth Collins
  • Elisabeth Peet
  • Claire Beattie
  • David Burge
  • Philip Graus
  • Stephanie Barker
  • Joshua French

Caption: Architectus is working on the Art Gallery of NSW Expansion – Sydney Modern Project as Executive Architect in support of Pritzker prize-winning Japanese architectural and design firm SANAA. SANAA was awarded the project following a two-stage invitational design competition.


Image: https://architectus.com.au/projects/art-gallery-nsw-sydney-modern-project/