Cladding tiles made of recycled PVC construction waste designed by Overtreders W and Bureau SLA has been used on a permanent building for the first time.

The company called Pretty Plastic has claimed its product is the first to be 100 percent recycled cladding material in the world.

“Pretty plastic aims to produce cladding products made of upcycled plastic waste that looks great, are safe in use, easy to apply and last forever,” according to a statement from Pretty Plastic.

“Pretty Plastic contributes to a circular economy where waste does not exist, and raw materials are used over and over again.”

The pointed-shield-like tiles are grey, comprising shredded window frames, downspouts and rain gutters, and are hung in overlapping rows.

The first building to be clad in the recycled materials was a school music pavilion in the Netherlands in January of this year, designed and completed by GrosfeldBekker Van der   Velde Architecten.

“The tiles were initially developed for the People’s Pavilion, a temporary auditorium constructed at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven in 2017,” according to Dezeen.