Kite Bricks have redesigned the conventional building block, developing a new Smart Brick (S-Brick) made out of high-strength concrete that is shaped to fit together like Lego.

The S-Bricks come in a range of shapes and sizes, but all feature rows of connections along their tops which slot into voids at the bottom of others.

A special adhesive is used to secure the bricks together, while steel bars can be slotted through dedicated channels for added strength and support.

The bricks also feature open internal voids designed for insulation and accessible passages for plumbing and wiring.

Kite Bricks are producing kits of the bricks, which include standardized windows and doors, to allow structures to be constructed with minimum amounts of labour and debris.

The Smart Bricks are currently at the prototype stage and are patent pending. The company is looking to raise around $3 million to launch the bricks into full-scale production and onto the market.

Watch Kite Brick’s conceptual video below to see the Smart Bricks being assembled by robotic builders.

Courtesy Wired UK