Innovation and integration are key to commercial security and access control
Security and access control solutions in commercial settings are rapidly evolving as customers seek more seamless, efficient, and adaptable options. This comes as we see complex security needs such as office spaces shared by multiple tenants with differing risk profiles. A layered approach to security and access control is often recommended, integrating smart technology with physical barriers.
Fresh cladding and facade solutions for commercial builds
When choosing cladding and facade materials for commercial builds there are several key considerations including aesthetics, safety, functionality durability and environmental impact. With several tragic cladding-related fires in Australia and worldwide, it is more important than ever that safe, non-combustible building products are used for all building facades.
Paint it black - or not
When selecting outdoor paints, stains and coatings for residential buildings, homeowners are increasingly looking for products with a low environmental impact that can help reduce the thermal load of their homes. Lighter colours are also popular, not only for achieving the sought-after earthy, coastal look but also for the added benefit of reflecting the sun and helping to reduce the thermal load.
The shifting surface: Residential laminates and surfaces
When choosing solid surfaces for residential builds, many customers are looking for surfaces that are sustainably produced and reflect some aspect of the natural world. This ranges from surfaces such as natural stone through to high-pressure laminates that look and feel like wood or stone.
Why biophilic design is more than just a trend
Biophilic design aims to enhance our innate biological connection with nature by bringing natural elements into the built environment. This can be achieved by selecting natural materials such as wood and stone, using organic and biomorphic shapes and forms, incorporating plants, adding earthy textures and colours, and maximising natural lighting and ventilation.
New trends in sustainable water management
From water saving, water recycling and water storage, to a range of water minimisation strategies there are many concepts on the market designed to keep usage of water down to a minimum.