Building the Ventilation Revolution would clear indoor air, helping our kids and older Australians breathe easier
Thirteen years ago, during the global financial crisis, Australia announced what became a A$16 billion program called Building the Education Revolution.
What happened to the traditional design of universities?
The “dreaming spires” of Oxford University that Matthew Arnold romanticised in 1865 still have a powerful grip on our image of the university. Nevertheless, the university town is part of the past. A key reason for this is the expense of developing facilities on a confined site, particularly in a heritage setting.
I live in an apartment. How can I cut my risk of getting COVID?
Governments are pressing ahead with home quarantine for returning travellers and people are isolating at home due to COVID-19. So now is a good time to think about what you can do to reduce your risk of infection if you live in an apartment.
Why universities may come to regret the costs of City Deals and private sector ‘solutions’
Universities have had few sources of capital funds since the Abbott government sidelined the Education Investment Fund in 2014. The loss of an estimated A$16 billion of income by 2023 due to the COVID-19 pandemic has simply added to this problem.
A century that profoundly changed universities and their campuses
This history of the development of universities is the first of two articles on the past and future of the campus. This is a long read, so set aside the time to read it and enjoy.
A fad, not a solution: 'city deals' are pushing universities into high-rise buildings
Let’s talk about “city deals”. The Australian government is.