With a shift towards mandated carbon zero targets that will shape the way we design and construct, it’s imperative that manufacturers, suppliers and distributors be ready to meet the growing demand for sustainable building products. From reducing greenhouse gas emissions to ensuring that all elements of the supply chain are ethically sourced, the move towards a less wasteful and more socially responsible industry is a comprehensive challenge!  Forward looking organisations like ForestOne don’t need any convincing!

As one of Australia's largest independent distributors of wood panels, plywood & sustainable surface materials, ForestOne understands the sustainability challenges faced by the A&D industry. “The public consciousness around sustainability and net zero is moving ahead at an exponential rate and driving up demand for more sustainable design & construction,” says Ian Fankhanel, Managing Director of ForestOne. “With the new ForestOne range of sustainably sourced building decors, we’re ready to help A&D Specify Responsibly and create buildings that not only look great, but which are also better for the environment.”

This commitment to sustainability goes back to ForestOne’s Australian origins, over a century ago.  Even though the notion of sustainable forestry might not have been widespread at the time, ForestOne has always treated timber as a natural, renewable resource with immense potential if sourced legally and from sustainably managed forests that are certified under either FSC® or RW/PEFC Chain of Custody (CoC).

In the decorative materials space, European based wood-products manufacturer EGGER is a key sustainability partner for ForestOne. Underpinned by robust environmental credentials, EGGER’s range of laminates, wood-panels and worktops has been a transformative part of ForestOne’s expansion into the decorative surfaces market. With a huge range of EGGER products on offer through ForestOne, Australian interior designers now have a vast array of sustainable specification options to work with!

The ForestOne range of responsibly sourced surface materials is always evolving and has recently expanded into the market for flooring products; EGGER GreenTec laminate flooring is an innovative product, which has its Australian launch this July.  This pioneering product boasts an impressive environmental profile and is set to disrupt out-dated perceptions surrounding laminate flooring!

New product launches aren’t the only avenue ForestOne is pursuing on their sustainability path. “We’re implementing a number of initiatives within the business, which will help reduce the company’s reliance on non-renewables” says Ian. “For example, ForestOne is rolling out solar [panels] across its national warehouse network. Over time, these upgrades are designed to increase our energy independence & reduce our carbon footprint.”

“To further minimise ForestOne’s reliance on non-renewable energy sources, we’re introducing new battery powered systems in our warehousing and logistical operations” he adds. “On top of that, our upgraded hybrid auto-fleet allows our sales forces to reduce fuel consumption in their driving.” 

But that’s not all. By 2024, the company is planning on implementing a recycling programme to help facilitate a circular economy for the products it distributes.

With their strategy for sustainable sourcing, partnerships with like-minded suppliers and processes for continual improvement, ForestOne is working towards a more sustainable future for the building industry - one Responsible Specification at a time.