The art of interior design is an essential ingredient in crafting a space that serves its intended purpose. A plethora of factors must be considered when conceptualising an interior, such as the functionality of the space, its visual aesthetics, and brand consistency for commercial edifices.

In the upcoming 2023 Sustainability Awards, the Interior Design category shall feature once more, demanding a refurbishment or a fitting-out of an existing structure. Sustainable designs are required to be at the core of this category, where considerations for efficient utilisation of space, low environmental impact of construction materials, and a reduction in pollution, waste, and overall energy consumption are central.

fjmt Interiors’ Built/SubStation No. 164 holds the distinction of being the inaugural victor in the Interior Design category. Sydney's novel headquarters lies within the adaptive reuse development of SubStation No. 164. The amalgamation of a heritage warehouse and an electrical substation via modern insertions and interconnecting stairs, the structure offers diverse sightlines and circulation paths that embody a contemporary, eco-friendly, and healthy workplace.

Shelley Warehouse and Electrical Substation No.164, two adjacent heritage buildings, were fused by fjmt Interiors through perforations in their shared walls. Working with Built, fjmt Interiors selected levels two to four to create a mix of client-facing and open-plan workspace of 2410 square metres that would suit Built's business needs.

The existing structures are Heritage Listed, and the fit-out aims to attain a 6 Star Green Star Interiors and WELL Platinum Rating. The integration of these three governing bodies and rating systems augmented the project's intricacy and challenges, which were addressed from the outset.

GH Commercial, a renowned firm that creates, manufactures, and distributes innovative flooring products with minimal environmental and social impact, continues to collaborate with Architecture & Design as the Interior Designer category partner at the Sustainability Awards. 

The company's Sustainability Believe in Better Framework no longer includes six pillars and is now focused on three major tenetsx; better for people, better for performance and better for people.

As the 2023 Sustainability Awards draws closer, get the complete rundown on the program here.