So where do most of us spend time? For many, the hours spent inside at work, at school and at home far exceed our time spent under the sky outside buildings.

For Dana Moussaoui, interiors provide a unique opportunity to … “surround ourselves with natural and sustainable materials” that can be transformative.  Moussaoui believes that if you can make a transformation on the inside, that’s where it matters, and like people, if you make small changes on the inside then perceptions of the outside will change. She is acutely aware of her sphere of influence and she sees interiors as the key point of intervention given her design discipline and expertise.

Moussaoui walks the talk in sustainable interiors.  She is a Green Star Accredited Professional and Director of Design at A1 Office Transforming Workspaces. Not only is she passionate about sustainability, she leads an ‘inherently green design team at A1 Office. Moussaoui plays the role of team mentor and proactively train them in the techniques required for sourcing and designing sustainably corporate interiors. 

Her team has engaged positively and has developed a unique ‘green library’ making the selection of green materials a standard operating procedure and not an afterthought. She makes it clear that sustainability should be part of the DNA at A1 Office empowering the staff to activate key decisions around sustainable products, materials and finishes.

Moussaoui has been in the industry for over 20 years and feels her enthusiasm for sustainable design and greener, cleaner interiors grows with each new project. Inspired by her children, Moussaoui  chooses to lead by example. “It is fundamentally our responsibility as professional designers. We get to guide our children into a future we may never see, one that has people in it that positively contribute to the word. We want to grow children that are positive change-makers”.

There’s nothing superficial about Moussaoui’s environmental position and how A1 delivers sustainable projects and outcomes. She believes that contributing to a better world is the least we can do for future generations. Ultimately sustainability is a real-world goal where its outcomes are woven into the fabric of society. 

A1 Office is the vehicle through which Moussaoui activates her knowledge and commitment. The company empowers the potential of employees, suppliers and clients by transforming workspaces into their most productive and inspiring form. Understanding a client and exploring their business needs and culture is an essential first step for Moussaoui and A1 Office before the design process begins. In short, A1 Office stands for innovation, sustainability, creation and transformation.

Not only does A1 Office seek to work with industry leaders who want to remain leaders; they aim to educate and help clients to see the possibilities, and deliver them in real terms.

Moussaoui notes that one of her most significant achievements has been the contribution to the design of the Royal Children's Hospital. She reflects on its landmark status and the privilege to work on such an important project. The ability to ‘give-back’ through design and enhance the lives of people is important to Moussaoui and thus the satisfaction of working on healthcare interiors.

Dana understands how culture and space affect people, and she sees sustainability as a positive influence on this. Moussaoui’s vision is a future where sustainability is a mindset that is empowering and transformative rather than just compliance or award driven.

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