The Editor’s Choice category is a brand new award at the Sustainability Awards up for grabs in 2022. All shortlisted projects are assessed for their suitability for this award on the basis of their contribution to and consultation with their local community.

Architecture & Design Editor Branko Miletic sat down with us to outline what he’s looking for this year when the time comes. All registered entries are eligible, so he’s got a bit on his plate! 

Architecture & Design: No pressure, but you’ve gotta pick this one all by yourself. How does that feel?

Branko Miletic: Well thanks for the reminder! It’s going to be a stacked field, and with nominations already coming in thick and fast it shapes up as a tough pick. The contribution and consultation with the local community is the big factor. While there’s going to be plenty of projects that tick those boxes, it's about long term outcomes that are both mindful of the environment and the local community.

A&D: There are both the Public Building and Urban & Landscape categories already at the Sustainability Awards. Why do you think it was important to include an additional award?

BM: Both of those categories will have strong entries, but Editor’s Choice opens it up even further in terms of opportunities. Multi-residential and educational buildings are also eligible. It comes back to community consultation and creating with the public in mind. I’ve got my eye on a couple already.

A&D: What is it that you will be looking for in terms of a winning project?

BM: Sustainability underpins just about everything that architects now undertake. All new developments need to be done with a reduced footprint, and while we see that often in the private sector, it should be legislated for public projects as well. I’ll be looking for a bit of everything: innovative design, research-based practice, context and how a project fits amongst its built environment and how it ultimately serves the community.

A&D: So what’s next in terms of the process for the category?

BM: Playing the waiting game! Until entries close I obviously can’t make a definitive call. The projects that will come across the desk between now and June 30 I’m sure will be of the highest calibre, but until then I can’t say much more!

The Editor’s Choice will be partnered with Sika for its first year. The company works across a multitude of industries supplying specialty systems and products for bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing and protecting in the building sector and motor vehicle industry. 

The company has looked to constantly overhaul its consumption amounts both in house and abroad, and is a member of the UN Global Compact.

2022 marks the first year of the Editor’s Choice being up for grabs and our first in-person event in three years. To be eligible for the award and to there on the night, register your project here.