WOVN from Signature Floors is a range of woven fabric vinyl flooring that combines on-trend, innovative, colour-rich and sustainable characteristics in one stunning flooring product.

Recommended for educational, retail, healthcare or workplace projects, Signature’s WOVN (Woven) is a contemporary and modular flooring product that brings together the warmth and texture of woven textiles with the strength and performance of vinyl, assuring you the best of both worlds. 

Woven vinyl flooring benefits that will transform your project

From a functional perspective, WOVN helps create quieter interior spaces, offering up to 70% less walking noise compared to other vinyl products and sound absorption of 19dB. The woven fabric vinyl floor adds to walking comfort without any need to include an additional underlay. The flooring material is durable, easy to maintain and impervious to mould and dust. Being slip-resistant, the floor also reduces trip and slip incidents, which account for more than 23% of all serious claims in Australia. The woven fabric is naturally waterproof.

From a design perspective, WOVN woven fabric vinyl flooring shows no visible seams, ensuring an uninterrupted and flawless finish in commercial interiors. The wide palette of colours and layout options enhance flexibility for designers in achieving their aesthetic objectives.

Explore how WOVN’s stylish floor coverings have helped transform two recent educational and workplace projects in Australia. 

2 Park Street, Sydney

2 Park Street WOVN

Photo: Simon Whitbread

When you desire versatility, durability and acoustic support in your vinyl flooring, specify WOVN.

The contemporary 2 Park Street Sydney workplace designed by commercial fit-out studio, Intermain, features WOVN flooring. Absorbing up to 19dB of sound, the material works well to craft quieter spaces, in turn boosting employee productivity. The flooring also ties effortlessly with the interior design, including furniture, furnishings and light fixtures.

RMIT Building 8, Melbourne

RMIT Building 8 WOVN

Photo: Dianna Snape

WOVN vinyl flooring features prominently in RMIT’s Building 8 designed by Spowers Architects to create spaces that inspire collaboration and growth. The stunning colour-blocked interior project that also made it to the IDEA Awards 2020 shortlist, features modular tiles, combining the warmth of textiles, the performance of vinyl and the value of sustainable manufacturing with a composition of 10% recycled materials. 

Discover new possibilities in commercial flooring with Signature’s WOVN woven fabric vinyl flooring.  Order your sample today.