The ongoing increase in building defects across Australia indicates an excessive emphasis on achieving a minimum level of National Construction Code (NCC) compliance as opposed to a "good" level that is best for the project over the long-term. “Chasing the minimum” has become the default stance many architects, designers, and builders take when faced with the need to increase margins and deliver projects on schedule. However, following the regulatory minimum requirements to the letter, rather than finding solutions that are truly fit for purpose, is a common mistake that could result in cost increases, defects and buildings that fail to meet the expectations.

Beyond the Building Code: Perils of stopping at the minimum standard examines the risks associated with designing and building to the minimum standard, with a special focus on plumbing and waterproofing. We identify a growing trend of building defects and failures across Australia and highlight the potential consequences of treating the requirements in the NCC and Australian standards as a target rather than a minimum that can and should be exceeded. We outline the case for exceeding code requirements as a general approach to reducing costs, ensuring compliance and enhancing the built environment for all users.

Stormtech products are designed to exceed minimum requirements. With over 30 years of experience in architectural drainage, Stormtech is committed to providing the highest quality, expertly tailored drainage solutions for today’s building projects.

Download this whitepaper to learn why going beyond code requirements can save projects time and money and lead to a healthier, safer and more durable built environment.


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