The Civil Contractors Federation (SA) says the behaviour of some SA councils “is completely unacceptable and totally lamentable” at a time when the community needs services and support.

“The City of Adelaide should be setting the example, not leading the charge out the door,” CCF (SA) chief executive, says Phil Sutherland.

The Federation says that Adelaide City Council’s announcement this week of downing tools will have a knock-on effect throughout the State’s councils. Adelaide’s major council is sending all employees home for at least four weeks and closing the door on most of its operations.    

Sutherland says that “if it’s good enough for private sector companies to stay on the job to keep the economy ticking over, it’s good enough for council workers. The risks are the same for everyone.  

“The SA community will be horrified to find that their individual councils, usually the ever-present rock in a community, are leaving citizens to fend for themselves during a national health and economic emergency.”

“All levels of government should be stepping up to the plate. The entitlement culture we see in many SA councils is now translating into self-preservation. Where is the spirit of public service?”

“We are calling on all councils to keep their doors open and get those projects out and underway. Civil contractors and other businesses are ready, willing and available to do this work,” he says.

Image: Supplied