2020 Sustainability Awards judge Mike Faine has been a registered architect since 1980 and to date, has worked on a multitude of building types, designs, and geographic locations.

With the new work regime now entering its third month, he says that he has found the lack of the ability to visit other people has allowed him to lower his carbon footprint, a situation that is actually good for the environment.

As to what has changed in terms of how he now does business, Faine says that, “Not going to visit clients needlessly, more on line and email engagement but I had already been doing that for years now.”

“Well I have always worked from home so this is normal for me. I’m doing more on line CPD and using apps like Zoom,” he says.

In terms of any positive results of this lockdown working arrangement, Faine notes that, “My fuel bills have halved and the garden gets weeded more often than it did before.”